How to connect with mac

To connect with mac Your smartphone should be in the same wifi network as Your computer and You need usernamepassword and ip address. 

How to get username

  1. Open terminal
  2. and in titlebar next to the home icon You have Your username

How to get password

this is password to Your mac.

How to get ip address

  1. Open “System Preferences”
  2. Click “Sharing”
  3. Click Remote Login and click lock if You have one
  4. Now, You can read Your ip number


If you don’t know your mac password.
probably you have set blank password or you have enabled automatic login. Non-blank password is necessary to connect. You can check how to reset password at

If you see name instead of ip number or you see ip address that doesn’t start from “192″, “172″ or “10″.

  1. Open “System Preferences”
  2. Click “Network”
  3. Click Wi-Fi
  4. Now, you can read your ip

If You have another problem with connection, please leave below a comment, I will help You.


  1. I think a better way to check for your IP is through the “Network” option in system preferences, and not “sharing”.. Mine didn’t show the IP there.. It showed the system name.

    Great app by the way!!

    • Thank You namzo for your feedback,
      I updated how-to.

  2. qual è la password?

    • @mattia It’s the same password as to Your mac / è la stessa password per il vostro Mac

  3. Hi!
    Problem with connection here.
    Nexus 5 with 4.2.2 and iMac with 10.9.2.

    • Hi Andrea, can you describe problem? What message is shown when you can’t connect?

      • “Can connect. Check your Wifi and connection detail”
        But username, password and ip address are correct.
        I’have follow your guide.

        • Ok Andrea,
          1) be sure that your phone is in the same wifi network as your mac.
          2) Your ip address should start from “192″ , “172″ or “10″, if isn’t please check Your ip address through the “Network” option in “System Preferences”. How-to is here

          Sorry for inconvenience. I am waiting for Your feedback, so I can improve this how-to also for future users.

          • Hi!
            Same wifi network
            Imac Ip is using DHCP with manual address.
            I have check user name with terminal app!

          • I had the same problem and I have solved it by allowing the sshd-keygen-wrapper program the full connection in my confidentiality/security -> firewall setting. Normally you should find the program is blocked by the firewall. You can connect normally after allowing the connection.

            You can find the explanation here:

  4. I have not set any password for the user (yes, I am well aware that this causes major security issues). Unfortunately I can’t check connect without any input in the password field.

      • Hi, I have the same problem. I don’t have any password set for my mac and there is no auto login either. Please check for a solution at your end.

        • Thank you for feedback, I updated tutorial. For older OSX it was possible to set blank password, but now it is mandatory.

  5. Works great,but I had to change my device name to the IP address. Any possibility to enter a name instead of a number?

  6. Hi, I haven’t a password on my mac user.. How can I connect without a pwd? Thank you

  7. Hi, Jakub,

    Tried out the app with iTunes and it worked fine. Would love to see more options to control iTunes from this app in the future! Keep up the good work.

    I am having some trouble with VLC though. What am I doing wrong?


    • Hi Francis, thank you for feedback, you can see future plans at
      If you have active videos in VLC play, pause, next, prev, fast-forward, and rewind should work, could you tell me what problems did you have exactly?

  8. So, I’ve done all the steps and it continues to ask me to check my username, and password.

    • Hi Bond, this message is displayed when your wifi and ip address are fine, but app can’t connect because of wrong username and password. Please check again that your username and password are fine, this fields are whitespace and case sensitive.

  9. I need to know that how could I get the password.? ie. Second field in application

  10. Could you please tell me what security measures are in place to avoid your ability to take my username and password to gain access to my computer? Does the fact that your app uses the modem’s internal IP instead of its external one make the difference?

    Thanks – and no offense intended, of course!

  11. Hello, I can’t seem to be able to connect to my Mac via your app, it says “Can’t connect. Check your wifi and connection settings”. If you could help me out a lil’ that’d be awesome :D. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Stefan,
      1) be sure that your phone/tablet is in the same wifi network as your mac.
      2) Your ip address should start from “192″ , “172″ or “10″, if isn’t please check Your ip address through the “Network” option in “System Preferences”. I described it above in problems section.

      • Well, true. You did explain it to Andrea, but it still doesn’t work. Everything is in check, even tried the thingy that the other guy said with the firewall, but my firewall was off anyway so… yeah.

  12. It’s very good app but not able to connect using Google DNS . I am using Google DNS in both Mac and andriod but not working . when using automatic DNS it’s working fine . can you fix it?

    • Hi Sachin,
      Thank You for feedback. I’ll check it out.

  13. I don’t know why, but when I press the Brightness controls it activates Mission Control & Launchpad.

    • Hi Rubén, than you for feedback. Which mac do you have?

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for this great and neat app.

    It will be nice to allow me enter the computer host name (instead of IP only) so that I do not need to enter a different IP when I move from office to home network.


  15. It dont work with my Samsung S3 and MacBook Air.
    Only the Error “Cant connect. Please check your wifi or ip-adress”.
    But i do it like in the tutorial.
    What i need to do??
    Please help.

  16. Hello,
    The app is working fine for Spotify, but not working at all for MPlayerX. Any hints?

    • Hi Emilio, You need to have MplayerX in version higher than 1.0.17. MPlayerX from AppStore doesn’t work, because is older and doesn’t support AppleScript.

  17. Hi Admin,

    I was wondering if this is compatible with the new Galaxy S5?

    It works perfectly fine on my S4 but when I tried it on my girlfriends S5 it won’t connect and we’ve followed the instructions.

    Please help.

    • Hi Anthony, yes, Mac.remote has many users with Galaxy S5. Have you tried connect to the same mac with both phones?


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